Fishing in Edda is a great way to relax and earn some items that you may not find elsewhere. You will come across everything from crafting materials, to event items and more. You'll also receive experience and you can auto fish! This means that once you cast your line, you can leave your computer and be sure that your character will stay where he/she is fishing while you are away!

Process Edit

  • To get started, head to Gaiyan Town and meet with Sergei, who is conveniently located near the fishing pond.
  • Hit spacebar or double click. From here, select "Shop".
  • Here you can choose to buy a timed fishing rod that each vary in how well they catch fish. (You can also purchase better rods through the item mall).
  • Once you have selected the Rod and hit "Buy", it will then go to your inventory. From your inventory, simply double click it and select "Yes" to unseal it.
  • Now that it is unsealed in your inventory, you will need to drag it into your weapon slot. To do so, click "I" if your inventory isn't already opened. Then Select the fishing rod and drag it in place of your current weapon.
  • Now, if you don't have the fishing command on your hotbar, simply hit "k" to bring up your skills. Mouse over to the tab named "Actions" and scroll to page 2 to find "Fishing". Take the icon and drop it onto your hotbar.
  • Once you have the fishing action on your hotbar, hit the appropriate hotkey while near the fishing pond and you will begin fishing!